Muscle Max

Muscle Max is a high profile protein daily mix and blend product with Paylean for finishing 150 to 240 lbs. (show).


Product Nutrient Content Feeding Instructions
Muscle Max PL

50% Crude Protein
4.40% Lysine
20.0% Fat
180 g/ton Ractopamine

Mix Muscle Max with complete feed according to label directions to provide the desired Ractopamine hydrochloride level.


  • Contains highly digestible ingredients: spray dried egg protein, spray dried porcine plasma, spray dried blood meal, menhaden fishmeal and yeast culture.

  • Contains added biotin and zinc for hoof integrity and hair coat.

  • Provides proper amino acid balance for efficient muscle deposition and PayleanTM effectiveness.

  • Powdered product for lower inclusion/usage rates


  • Improved muscle deposition in loin and ham.

  • Available in 50 lb. bags.

Non-medicated Complete Feed

Suther's Hands On
Top Dress
Muscle Max PL Powder
Total Feed Ractopamine Hydrochloride

3.40 lb.

0.40 lb. 0.20 lb. 4.0 lb. 9.0 g/ton

4.35 lb.

0.40 lb. 0.25 lb. 5.0 lb. 9.0 g/ton

5.70 lb.

  0.30 lb. 6.0 lb. 9.0 g/ton
1740 lb. 160 lb. 100 lb. 2000 lb. 9.0 g/ton

* Non-medicated complete feed must contain at least 16% crude protein.
CAUTION: Not for use in breeding swine.